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The first step in treating any alcohol or drug addiction is finding the help you need to beat it. Whether it’s for you or a loved one, Help4addiction can help you find the alcohol and drug rehab in Edinburgh that’s right for you with some impartial, free advice on a wide range of different facilities and professionals. Here, we’re going to look at the types of rehab options on offer, so you know what to expect and which options might work best for you.

Types of programs

There is a wide variety of different drug and alcohol rehab programs that are suited to a range of needs. Some involve some level of separation from society with an intensive focus on treatment while others allow you to still live in the wider world while recovering from addiction. Here are some of the programs available:

Residential rehab: For this kind of program, you are housed for the duration of your treatment in a secluded environment alongside others who are seeking treatment for their own addictions. The lack of outside triggers and temptation that can lead to relapse can be highly effective. Some are locked-door facilities, meaning patients are restrained from leaving, while others allow you to leave freely if you wish.

Inpatient rehab: These programs involve intensive treatment within a hospital that lasts a minimum of 28 days. It is often considered for those who have severe addictions and are concerned for their safety or the safety of those around them, while the care staff helps to manage your detox and recovery safely.

Halfway houses: Also known as sober living houses, these are small communities of those recovering from addiction, often led by a former addict or care professional. They aren’t secluded from society, like residential or inpatient rehab, but do offer accountability and some separation from friends, family, and potential triggers to help you take a step closer to complete reintegration.

Outpatient rehab: For those who are unable or unwilling to commit to separation from society, these are programs that allow you to fully attend to the routines of everyday life. They often involve attending the hospital or rehab facility daily, weekly, or several times a week depending on your needs.

Community programs: The programs are operated and driven by the community, rather than professional care providers. Many addiction therapy groups that use the 12-steps treatment model fall into this category, and often focus on regular meetings that help members track progress and talk about challenges they face with others who can understand and provide advice or feedback.

Which program works best for you depends on the severity of addiction and other factors such as mental health and the environment and contacts around you. The costs of rehab must also be considered when considering treatment. Get in touch so we can learn more about your situation and help you better consider the options of alcohol and drug rehab in Edinburgh that may work best for you.

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Approaches to treatment

Within the different programs, there are still likely to be multiple approaches to treatment incorporated as part of the whole. These treatments help to address not just the addiction and how you build healthier coping and avoidance mechanisms, but issues like mental and physical health that can attribute to addiction as well. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh, here are some of the approaches you may expect.

Detox: A process that often takes place at the beginning of a recovery program with the aim of completely flushing the body of substances like drugs and alcohol. It can be a painful, dangerous process with withdrawal symptoms that are best managed through professional care and can be treated with medication.

Individual therapy: There is a range of different types of therapy that can be used throughout recovery. They can help address the addiction, as well as stress, depression, and anxiety that may be closely related. Other types, like cognitive behavioural therapy, focus on learning about triggers and habits that lead to relapse and building a healthier lifestyle that helps you manage them.

Group therapy: Many of the same approaches as used in individual therapy may also be applied to group therapy, headed by a group leader. However, many people find success when they have others that can empathise, challenge excuses, provide accountability and offer feedback. Regular sessions help you relate your struggles, address your concerns, and celebrate the steps you take in your recovery.

Family therapy: Since addiction often affects family, partners, and loved ones rather than just an individual, this therapy can help with the aspects of your life beyond yourself. Family members can be educated on the realities of addiction and how they may be able to help, while the bonds that have been negatively impacted by the condition can receive some help in the healing process.

Holistic treatment: Many programs take an experimental approach or one that is not strictly medical, to recovery with a focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Many patients find success with holistic treatment which can include anything from Reiki, yoga, and meditation to art therapy and music therapy, though this is far from a complete list of types of treatment available.

Again, which type of treatment works best for you is a matter of the type and severity of addiction you are facing, as well as cost considerations and factors tied to the addiction like mental or physical health. Many programs will make use of multiple approaches to treatment, providing a well-balanced, comprehensive approach to care to ensure you not only get clean but build the habits, routine, and mindset that allow you to stay clean in the long-term as well.

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