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At Help4Addiction, we regularly help those suffering from drug and alcohol dependencies, as well as those who love and seek to support them. We do this primarily by offering free, impartial advice and information on drug & alcohol rehab in Greenwich, looking at different facilities, groups, treatments, and programs. By helping to find those best suited to the needs of the individual, and the severity of the circumstances, we can make the road to recovery all the more accessible.

But, how do you know whether you need our help or not? If you’re concerned that you might be struggling with a drug or alcohol dependency, read on. We’re going to look at some of the signs and symptoms that can help you see whether you need help.

The difference between symptoms and signs of addiction

We’re going to break down the evidence of a potential addiction into two categories. The first is the symptoms of addiction that only you (or a loved one) experience as part of an addiction. The signs of addiction, on the other hand, are observable patterns of behaviour and habits that others might see from an outside perspective. Those with a growing addiction may not be personally aware of them until they are highlighted

Of course, it’s worth remembering that the evidence of addiction can change from person to person. You are not looking to get a “full house”, so to speak. Rather, if any combination of the signs and symptoms mentioned below are applicable, that should be cause for further concern.

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Symptoms of addiction

Here are some of the physical and personal symptoms you may experience as a consequence of a growing addiction. This is not a comprehensive list, nor will every symptom apply to every person, as different substances have different effects. However, here are some things to keep an eye out for:

Withdrawal symptoms: If you have a dependence, you may feel a surge of negative symptoms when you haven’t fed it in some time. Drugs like marijuana and cocaine have mostly emotional withdrawal symptoms, like stress and anxiety. Alcohol, opiates (like heroin), and tranquillizers may bring about a broader range of physical symptoms like sweating, nausea, shakes, sleeplessness and more.

Appetite changes: A range of substances change how we experience eating and appetite. Cocaine, for instance, is known to reduce our appetite while marijuana can increase it significantly.

Sleep changes: Both the overuse of alcohol and drugs and the withdrawal from them can greatly impact our sleep. They may cause sleeplessness, difficulty staying asleep, oversleeping, or major changes in when we sleep.

A growing tolerance: As our body gets used to drugs and alcohol, we may feel that their effects are not as strong over time. If you find yourself taking more to achieve the same effect as you once experienced, that’s a strong sign of dependency.

Substance-related damage or disease: If you are diagnosed with a medical issue specifically related to the use of drugs or alcohol, then that is the clearest indication of addiction in full force. This may include respiratory disease as a result of crack use, liver damage due to alcohol consumption, or problems with veins and arteries related to injectable drugs.

If more than one, or the last symptom, in particular, apply to you and your use of drugs or alcohol, then you may be in the midst of an addiction. However, drug & alcohol rehab services in Greenwich can help.

Signs of addiction

These are signs that may be noticed by someone with addiction themselves, but more often they are more easily spotted by those with an outside perspective, such as friends, family, and even strangers from time to time.

If you know someone that fits several of the signs above, then it may be worth communicating your concerns with them. You cannot force someone with an addiction to change or seek help, but by sharing your worries without threatening, criticizing, or yelling at them, you can help them see the seriousness of their situation.

What comes next

If you believe you have a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be a scary thing to admit to yourself and may feel scarier to ask for help. However, there are plenty of good drug & alcohol rehab services in Greenwich, from free assistance from the NHS to dedicated private services. They can help you detox to clean your body of the issues, look at techniques to identify and stop mechanisms leading to addiction, and help fight issues like stress, anxiety, and past traumas that have contributed to addiction in the past. From outpatient care to residential centres, Help4Addiction is here to look at your options alongside you, exploring them in a safe environment to identify the best potential road to recovery. Programs can last from weeks to months, depending on your needs.

The signs and symptoms may confirm what you already have a suspicion of. However, in reality, if you are concerned that your relationship with alcohol and drugs has become unhealthy, then it probably has. If you’re worried about a potential addiction, get in touch with us today. Together, we will look at alcohol & drug rehab options in Greenwich and which options are best suited to help you.

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