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Recognising that you need help to battle an addiction marks a major turning point. Often, it can be extremely difficult to take that step and reach out, but once you’ve done this, you’ll benefit from the clinical expertise, experience, and compassion of others.

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, or you’re worried about a friend or relative, Help4Addiction can provide you with the advice and support you need to start moving forward. We have an expansive network of contacts in the Notting Hill area of London, and we can work with you to find services and rehab facilities to suit your needs and preferences.

What is an addiction and why do people become addicted?

There are a lot of misconceptions about addiction. Most of us assume that we’ll never be addicts and that addiction only happens to other people. The reality is that anyone can become addicted to something. Addiction is not an obsession, and it’s not something you choose to have. It represents behaviour, which is driven by irrepressible compulsions to do something even when you know that it could harm your health or put your safety or the safety of others at risk.

Many people think of alcohol and drugs when the word addiction is mentioned, but there are myriad types of addiction. There are also multiple reasons why somebody may become an addict. Sometimes, addictions can be fuelled by mental health disorders like anxiety or depression, sometimes, a social or casual habit can spiral out of control, and often, addictions stem from traumatic or unsettling life events. Alcohol and drugs may seem like a way out when you feel like the world is against you, and you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you feel like this, we can help you find the guidance and treatment you need in Notting Hill. 

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What are the signs of drug and alcohol addiction?

When you have an addiction, there’s a very powerful urge to continue drinking or to take more drugs even if you know that in the long-term, you’re going to feel worse. You’ll continue to drink or buy drugs even though you know that your health, your job, your finances or your relationships are at risk.

Addiction can cause physical and mental symptoms, and it can become the focal point of your entire life. You might have a well-paid job, a family and a circle of friends, but your main concern is where the next drink or hit is coming from. Addictions vary from one individual to another, but common signs to look out for include:

Finding alcohol rehab in Notting Hill

If you’re aware that you drink too much, and alcohol has become a crutch for you, the best thing you can do is seek help. Sometimes, the hardest part is to admit that you’re no longer in control, but you don’t have to embark on your recovery on your own. There are people out there who can provide you with tailored treatments and therapies to help you learn to cope without alcohol and to adjust to a life that doesn’t involve drinking to feel relaxed, confident or comfortable.

There are several treatment options available for people in West London who want help to stop drinking. Alcohol rehab in Notting Hill is designed to enable individuals to quit drinking for good. Residential rehab programmes are incredibly effective, and they guide patients through a step-by-step process, which involves detoxing and addressing withdrawal symptoms, learning to cope with triggers, and modifying your mindset so that you can manage at home without turning to drink.

Treatment typically combines medication and other medical treatments to target complications of excessive drinking, and psychological therapies. Examples include one-to-one and group counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). If you’re addicted to alcohol, we can help you find the best alcohol rehab in Notting Hill.

What are the benefits of drug rehab in Notting Hill?

If you’ve become dependent on drugs, or you’re concerned about a relative or a friend, we can help you. We have ties with leading drug rehab facilities in Notting Hill, and we can provide you with independent advice to help you decide which path to take.

Drug rehab usually involves spending a period of time at a rehab centre under the supervision of trained, experienced medical staff. Rehab is intensive, and it focuses on enabling your body and your mind to adapt to life without drugs. Initially, the aim is to get withdrawal symptoms under control.

A controlled detox manages signs and symptoms like sweating, nausea, vomiting, and tremors and provides individuals with the emotional support they need to get through this difficult phase of treatment. The next step is to start tackling the root causes of addiction and working towards finding new ways of coping. Like alcohol rehab, drug rehab in Notting Hill utilises a blend of physiological and psychological therapies.

When you go into rehab, either as a resident or an outpatient, you have a circle of people you can trust around you, and you can benefit from the best treatments that are currently available. You can also focus all your attention and energy on getting better without the normal distractions of being at home or going to work every day.

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Nicholas Conn

Nicholas Conn is a leading industry addiction expert who runs the UK’s largest addiction advisory service and is regularly featured in the national press, radio and TV. He is the founder and CEO of a drug and alcohol rehab center called Help4addiction, which was founded in 2015. He has been clean himself since 2009 and has worked in the Addiction and Rehab Industry for over a decade. Nick is dedicated to helping others recover and get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. In 2013, he released a book ‘The Thin White’ line that is available on Amazon.

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