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If you or someone that you love is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, then you will know how much this illness can impact the lives of the user, and everyone around them. Professional help is going to be needed to beat this illness, and bring joy back to life! If you live in the town of Fulham and are looking for drug and alcohol rehab centres then you have come to the right place. Here at Help 4 Addiction, we specialise in helping you find the rehab centre that is going to be best for your recovery.

How Do You Know You Need Rehab?

Have you been noticing that you and those around you are feeling depressed, anxious and other kinds of emotions like this? Alcohol and drug addiction can impact not only the user but those who are close to them and love them. If you have noticed that the people you care about are experiencing these emotions, this could be a sign that it is time for the drug rehab Fulham residents have found successful.

Or, if you have tried to quit before, did you notice any alcohol withdrawal symptoms? Any kind of withdrawal whether it be for drugs or for alcohol should be treated seriously and as a sign that you need help. We can offer you the advice that you need to find the rehab centre that is going to be best suited to your unique situation.

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We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Different Types Of Drug And Alcohol Rehab in Fulham

You might be wondering about the different types of drug rehab available to you. You could think about arranging your rehab through the NHS. Unfortunately, though, wait times can be long and you may never actually reach the top of the list. Instead, it’s possible that you keep getting passed over in favour who apparently need treatment more than you.

If you are worried about this possibility, then you should think about private rehab. We can help you find private rehab for you or a family member suffering from drug addiction in Fulham. With a private rehab, the benefit is that you can actually choose the support plan that suits your needs. Are you worried about the cost?

There are a range of different possibilities that will fit into various budgets. You can choose the treatment option that best matches your needs and your requirements. Prices start low but more deluxe options can be quite expensive. Though, you get a range of benefits including large private rooms and a fully personalised approach to your addiction.

Many patients ask us what the best option is for treating alcohol addiction. We believe the right answer is residential rehab. With residential rehab, patients are provided support and care 24/7. This ensures that there is always someone on hand to help them both emotionally and physically. It is ideal for those suffering from a long term addiction that they have been unable to recover from by themselves.

What Is Detox And How Will It Help?

Have you heard of alcohol detox? This is a process where no more alcohol will be consumed, thereby flushing your body of all the remnants of it. Once you cut alcohol out of your life, your body can begin to heal and the chemicals that have been changed can once again revert back to normal. It is possible that while you are completing this process you are going to be faced with some alcohol withdrawal symptoms and these can include but are not limited to headaches, nausea, vomiting, the shakes and others like this.

Even though this is the case, very soon after you start your detox, you are going to start feeling much better. Your body will feel healthier, you will have more energy almost immediately and you are going to feel like a brand new person. On top of this, if you have been having issues with your sleeping pattern, shortly after you begin your detox, this should return to normal.

What Should You Consider Before Booking Rehab?

There are quite a few different factors that you must consider before booking yourself or someone you know into drug rehab in Fulham. You will need to consider whether you should tell your employer about the rehab treatment. Whether or not you need to do this will depend on how long your treatment lasts. If you require no more than ten days for alcohol detox, then it’s possible to sign yourself off without providing a detailed reason why. However, if you need more time than this, then you will require support from your GP and a note certifying that you are fit for work when you return.

If you’re struggling with this possibility, then can always contact us. We are happy to help patients and provide the right advice that you need when you are looking to take time off work for this purpose.

You will need to make arrangements for your family as well. It’s important that your loved ones understand why you are going to rehab and what it will mean for your life. Let them know that you are doing this to improve yourself and get the help and support that you require.

What Can You Do To Help A Person You Know?

Helping someone you know is not going to be easy, and you might have already tried a few things such as making them promise or kicking them out of the house. However, it is important for you to realise that you cannot make them want to quit, this is something only they can do. While it seems like the hardest thing at the time, the best thing that you can do to help the person that you know steps back. Once you have taken this step, the person is no longer going to feel as though you are hanging over them, and this can lead to them being more receptive.

Due to the amount of support that this takes from you, it is important that you are seeking out specialist help for yourself to help you cope.

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If you are interested in learning more about the best drug rehab Fulham residents use contact us today. We will be happy to explain different plans and solutions, ensuring that everyone can get the treatment that they need.

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