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Happen to live in Northampton and looking for help with an addiction to drugs or alcoholism? Help 4 Addiction was literally created to help people in your exact position. We are an organisation that takes great care in matching you with the right rehab program for you. If we do our job correctly, you will get into a rehab clinic near you that is 100% matched to what you needed. If your support is perfect for you, you have a much higher chance at a successful recovery from your substance abuse. We aren’t limited to Northampton, either. We provide help for addictions throughout the county – and throughout the country.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are massive problems in England and Wales. While alcohol is available everywhere you look, it doesn’t take much work to find a drug dealer, either. Regardless of whether you are Northampton based or whether you live in the centre of London – you are never too far from somewhere to top up your high.

Breaking free of addiction is just that: breaking free of the habits that have held you in a loop for so long. You go to your dealer or to the shop, you buy drink or drugs, you use them till they are gone, then you scrape together enough money to buy more. This cycle of addiction is what needs to be broken before you can get back to a happy, healthy, normal life… whatever your version of normal may be.

Help 4 Addiction were established by a former addict who had to overhaul his own life in order to get off drugs. When we say we recognise your struggle, we see what you are going through, and we want to help – we mean what we say. You can reach out to us at any time of the day or night by calling us, on 0203 955 7700. One of our trained and experienced advisers will be happy to help you find the right rehab clinic in Northampton for you.

A life in recovery is waiting for you. Don’t be put off by the overwhelming choice in rehab clinics that your city has to offer.

Addiction and your Family

Back in 2014, a group of psychiatrists worked on a paper that described the direct links between addiction and family/social interactions. To no surprises, the study found that the act of addiction has a direct impact on the family… and substance abuse disorder would create a significant burden on the familial bonds. However, as a by-product of this study, it was also noted that those suffering from addiction tend to recover better, faster, and for longer periods, if they have the support of a family behind them. Whether this is something to do with having a reason to spur you on towards recovery or not we cannot say. What we do know is that your addiction is hurting your family unit in ways you don’t realise.

We wanted to take a moment and reflect on the many ways that the children of addicted parents suffer, in the hope that it might drive you towards seeking the help for addiction you need. Some of the worst ways kids can be affected by parental addictions include:

The best way to avoid your children being subjected to this is to get off drink or drugs and stop your addiction, today. If you want to quit a drug addiction or stop alcoholism today, then contact us. We will be happy to place you with the Northampton rehab clinic that is best for you. Call 0203 955 7700 to start your recovery, right now.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Am I Addicted?

To figure out if you are suffering from a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction, there are several ways you can identify it. You need to take a look at your actions and ask some tough questions to see if you need a drug or alcohol rehab clinic. Let’s talk about how you spot an addiction within yourself, since the first step to combatting it is to acknowledge that there is an issue.

Do you suffer from alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms when you stay off your substance for 24 hours? For alcohol, this means sweating and shaking, for Class A and B drugs this could mean vomiting, nausea, dizziness or even hallucinations. The longer you have used for, the longer it will take you to quit drugs or drinks. Similarly, the stronger the substance abuse, the harsher the detox process and withdrawal symptoms will be.

Another important question to ask yourself is whether or not you can go away somewhere for a few days if you suspect you are addicted. If you can go on a trip and sleep in a tent in the wilderness for a few days without needing to stock up on booze or drugs beforehand, then you are probably OK. Most addicts find this incredibly difficult – even avoiding holidays from home because they fear not being in contact with their dealer.

Do you hide your drug taking or drinking from your family and friends? Instead of sharing the drugs with them, do you hide the fact that you have them to use them alone? If so, then you are either in the process of developing an awfully bad habit, or you are already an addict.

Lastly, if you have ever seriously sat down and considered going into detox then this is almost a sure sign that you need help. If you feel that you take so much of something that detox is your only way to stop, then you have an addiction.

If any of these questions have rung true to you then we can help you find a rehab clinic that won’t turn you away. For the best chance of successfully ceasing to take drugs or drink, then call us now. You will get us on 0203 955 7700 where we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Help is only a phone call away.

Northampton – A Safe Haven?

So does Northampton even have a problem with drink or drugs? We took a closer look at the city news to find out. Northamptonshire County Council have already put together guidance for the area but we wanted to know more. Worse though, in February 2020 the Northamptonshire Chronicle reported on what they describe as a ‘ticking time bomb’ as alcohol hospital admissions in the city rose by 50% in 6 years.

Drugs provide us with a similar story. In June of this year, police officers carried out raids that resulted in a number of drug suppliers paraphernalia pieces – including a notebook with the names of customers. The police sent a noticeably clear message that they were working hard to tackle the drug problem in Northampton, but all this proves is that the problem is worse than we might have thought.

Help is Available in All Areas of Northampton!

That’s right, no matter where you live, we can help you if you fall under the jurisdiction of NHS England and Wales. This means that we cover all areas of Northampton – from the suburbs to the city centre. If you live there and you have an addiction problem, we suggest that you contact us straight away. Help is available and essential for you to return to a normal life.

Just so we are clear, we help those suffering from addictions in the following areas of the city:

  • Abington
  • Abington Vale
  • Billing
  • Collingtree
  • Collingtree Park
  • Cotton End
  • Cultural Quarter
  • Dallington
  • Duston
  • East Hunsbury
  • Far Cotton
  • Hardingstone
  • Kingsthorpe
  • Queen’s Park
  • Round Spinney
  • Sixfields
  • Spinney Hill
  • St. James End
  • Upton
  • Victoria Park
  • West Hunsbury
  • Weston Favell
  • White Hills
  • Wootton

But we also cover all the areas in between, and even those that fall just outside the city limits. If you happen to live in one of these areas and you have had your life interrupted by a drink or drug addiction, contact Help 4 Addiction right now. We will get you on the road to recovery if it is the last thing we do. Our number is 0203 955 7700 and we would love you to use it. Call us for more information, to quit addiction, or just to have a chat about quitting in future. No pressure, just care.

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Nicholas Conn

Nicholas Conn

Nicholas Conn is a leading industry addiction expert who runs the UK’s largest addiction advisory service and is regularly featured in the national press, radio and TV. He is the founder and CEO of a drug and alcohol rehab center called Help4addiction, which was founded in 2015. He has been clean himself since 2009 and has worked in the Addiction and Rehab Industry for over a decade. Nick is dedicated to helping others recover and get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. In 2013, he released a book ‘The Thin White’ line that is available on Amazon.

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